Makeup is something very precious to every lady out there. A perfect makeup can go a long way in giving a complete make-over in the look of a woman, increasing her glamour, her glory, making her look more eye catchy and attractive. The cosmetics and makeup industry make a huge economic contribution all across the world.

Of the various essentials in your make up kit, eye-liners definitely come at the top of the list. Beautiful, prominent eyes can immediately accentuate your beauty, and make you look naturally glorious. Of the various eye cosmetics used, the ones that require mentioning are eyeliners, “kajals” or “kohl”, mascaras and eye shades. Eyeliners from various brands have gained popularity among the users, with new innovations to make it smudge free, glossy and long lasting. One of the latest eyeliners that have entered the cosmetic industry is the gel eyeliner. In various colours with a shiny sleek consistency, its long lasting nature, the depth of colour and its property of staying at one place has made it a must buy among the teens and young ladies. You can achieve a cat eye look as well as simple formal look with these high quality gel eyeliners. This article will discuss a few of the best gel eyeliners.

Best gel eyeliners and how to apply them

One of the best gel eyeliners in the market is the ultra-smooth Fluid Eye-liner Gel from MAC, with an intense colour that glides along the eye lashes at a single stroke with a tiny bit of the pigment. At a price of $ 23.79, its smudge free nature, ultra-sleek nature and the dark colour has made it a highly popular gel eyeliner product among the users.

Another popular gel eyeliner is the Infallible Gel Lacquer liner from one of the top players in the cosmetic industry, L’Oréal Paris. With its bold deep black colour, this super shiny sleek eyeliner can be easily applied and help you achieve the most perfect wing tip eye lashes. At a price of $ 9.95, this eyeliner brings with it the promise of staying smudge free for as long as 24 hours and is one of the most reviewed gel eyeliners.

Now we will discuss the drama gel eyeliner from Maybelline that comes in a range of intense colours from the deepest shade of black to charcoal, sapphire, eggplant and other beautiful shades that can make you look phenomenal in a matter of one stroke. Priced at $ 9.99, it can give the sexiest cat eye look and will not spread anywhere once set. The deep colour can add a sharpness to your features and is even suitable for oily skin.

The next amazing eyeliner on the line that requires a mention is the long wear gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown. Intensely beautiful, specially designed to give you the sharpest eyelashes and with seventeen amazingly beautiful shades, this gel eyeliner has won several awards for its incomparable quality. Water resistant in nature, this eyeliner costs $ 27.64 and has gained a huge number of up-votes from a major section of the users.

Best gel eyeliners and how to apply them

Of other beautiful eyeliners is the crème eyeliner from Laura Mercier, at a price of $ 29.94. Available in seven beautiful shades from the deepest black to the tranquil yet intense turquoise shade, it is smooth, glides instantly along your eyelashes and is long lasting in nature. Smudge proof, water resistant and precise, it will make you look simply outstandingly beautiful in a matter of seconds.

To apply an eyeliner, the most important thing is to clear your face first and dry your face completely. Any earlier makeup or presence of oil is undesirable, as it may destroy the look of your eyeliner. So, compare the prices, choose from the various shades and become a diva with the perfect gel eyeliner.