Costume jewelry:

Costume jewelry or artificial fashion jewelry is manufactured in such a way so as to match the costumes, and also as a replacment for costly gold and platinum jewelry. These ornaments are reasonable in price and have propped up at a time where the gold rates are soaringly high and have been increasing steadily.

Fashionable jewelry: Costume jewelry


It has been 300 years since costume jewelry has come into existence. In the 18th and 19th century slowly it came up. And in the mid 20th century, costume jewelry bloomed and spread everywhere, as there was a need for a nice exquisite jewelry by the middle class people. It was beautiful as well as affordable and hence the demand for this kind of jewelry increased.

It became more popular when hollywood movie stars in 1940s and 1950s started wearing these kinds of jewelry. It became a fashion to wear them and as it was affordable, the need for it increased three fold.

Fashionable jewelry: Costume jewelry

Making of the jewelry:

The fashion jewelry is made up of less cost materials like glass, plastic, etc. There is another group of jewelry wherein silver and imitation stones are used for making of the jewelry. And the piece of jewelry is plated with gold so as to look like real gold ornament. But with the exposure to sun and sweat, the color would fade and it needs to be polished again in order to regain the orginal gold look.

Fashionable jewelry: Costume jewelry

 Types of jewelry:

There are various types of jewelry based on where they are worn. They are,

  1. Head jewelry: There are ornamental hair pins, braid clips, forehead jewelry, etc.
  2. Nose jewelry: Nose pins are becoming popular these days and many youngsters pierce their nose in order to wear a nose pin. And there are lots of varieties of nose pins and screws available with wide range of color and shapes so as to match the costume.
  3. Ear jewelry: This is a very common kind of a jewelry and the most cheapest kind of jewelry as there are earrings that have the starting price of less than $1. There are lots of colorful dangles available in the market and earrings are worn by a woman since childhood and so this is the most popular jewelry of all. Even men have became crazy about the earrings and nowadays it has become a fashion to wear an ear stud.
  4. Neck jewelry: This category of jewelry consists of long and short chains, necklaces, etc. This group is pretty costly and would lose shine soon as the neck sweats more than any part of the body. The maintenance of the jewelry piece is a tedious process and needs to be polished at regular intervals or it would lose its texture.
  5. Hip jewelry: There are hip chains worn around the hip which highlights the shape of the woman.
  6. Arm and hand jewelry: Bangles can be worn on the hand and there are colorful bangles available with beautiful stones embedded in them. There are matching finger rings available too.
  7. Anklet and foot jewelry: Anklets and foot rings are mostly made of silver or any other metal but rarely gold.
  8. Fashionable jewelry: Costume jewelry


Even though there are lots of pros and cons of fashion costume jewelry, due to their attractive nature and glitter they are here to stay for long.