Introduction to tattoo art fashion:

Tattoo art is a type of body art fashion, which is drawn using an indelible ink, which changes the pigmentation of the body color. It is permanent and will stay forever. These days there has been a growing demand for this kind of a fashion mostly among the youngsters.


In the United States of America, the first tattoo art fashion artist who was considered as a professional was Martin Hildebrandt, who was actually a German immigrant. In 1846, he opened a tattoo shop in the New York city and immediately became popular as Amerian Civil War was in progress at that time. His customers were mostly soldiers and sailors of military group, who tattooed on their cuts and wounds in order to cover them up. He used to travel from one camp to another in order to tattoo the soldiers and gradually became very popular. And after the civil war, high class royalty people started showing interest in tattooing as it had become a fashion to have a tattoo on the body.

Tattoo art fashion: Go for tattoo designs

Process of tattoo:

     The process of tattooing actually is very simple wherein the ink or pigment is inserted into the dermis, which is the outer layer of the skin. Nowadays, it is done with an electirc tattoo machine as there are some health risk complications involved in the procedure.

Types of tattoos:

There are many varieties of tattoos. They are:

  1. Fashion art tattoos: This is preferred by the youngsters as a fashion trend to get themself pictured with a beautiful art work.
  2. Cosmetic tattoos: These are tattoos which are made for cosmetic reasons. The drawings would look like an actual makeup and since it is a permanent mark, it would add more glamor to the person who has been tattooed. Some people would prefer tattoos to cover surgical scars, any wounds or burnt injuries.
  3. Medical tattoos: There are tattoos used for medical purposes too. When a patient needs to take radiation therapy, the point where the radiation needs to be penetrated would be marked as a tattoo so that every time the person takes the treatment, the point of radiation will be very clear as the tattooed region.
  4. Tattoo art fashion: Go for tattoo designs

Health risks:

Even though it is fancy and pretty to have a tattoo, it has its own health risks like allergies or any bacterial or fungal infection, as it involves breaking the skin. At times, if the instrument pricks or injures a blood vessel, an injury or a bruise could occur.

This can be avoided if the person who does the tattoo follows the procedure with undue cleanliness, and sterilization of the instrument before using it on another person.

More worse is the removal of the tattoo art fashion which is even more painful as it involves laser surgery with frequent visits to the skin specialist.

But such a beautiful art work on the body would tempt anyone to go for it, if the person could resist the pain.