Glamorous looks and adopting modern fashion trends – are two things important to almost teenagers and young lady out there. From makeup hacks to achieve flawless runway looks to the new attempts by the cosmetic industry to increase your glamour naturally, young girls are ready to make every attempt to look pretty and gorgeous. We often tend to focus more on our eyes and face while doing makeup. To add a different flick to your fashion trends, you may try out beautiful nail art designs and bring everyone’s attention to your fingernails.

Tips for beautiful nail art

To make a beautiful nail art, the first important step is to take good care of your nails. Remove any remnants of the old nail polish to have a clear, neat surface for your nail art. The next important thing is to maintain your fingernails in a proper, neat shape by trimming them. However, too short nails are not suitable for nail art as longer nails give you greater surface area to make more elaborate designs. Before applying nail polishes directly, it is suggested that you apply a base coat to give your nails a smooth, beautiful texture and protect your nails from any damage caused by the nail paints or any other nail art materials. The base coat, usually transparent or neutral in colour should be applied on the nail surface and allowed to dry completely before applying the nail art.

This article will discuss some easy and beautiful nail art tricks and designs for the young ladies out there to have beautiful nails. The easiest trick is to create a textured marble nail art using a plastic wrap. To create this effect, apply a light base colour on the nails and let it dry. Then apply a coat of a dark nail polish on the nail, and immediately press or blot the nail surface with a crumpled piece of plastic. As the crumpled plastic takes off a bit of colour when it touches the sticky nail polish, it creates a beautiful texture on the nails and can give you a beautiful nail art design.

Now, let us discuss the next easy nail art trick. Create dots or floral designs on your nails to create beautiful nail art. First, apply a base colour and then use a toothpick to create perfect polka dots on your nails. Again, you may use a toothpick to create five swabs of nail polish that will act as flower petals around a central dot. So, a simple toothpick can help you crate beautiful polka dot and floral nail art designs.

Another popular nail art trend is the soft and elegant ombre nail art. To achieve this design, apply petroleum jelly on your fingers first. Now apply a soft base colour on your fingernails. Next, dab the two ombre shades of nail polishes on a surface and then mix the two colours using a toothpick. Now rub it with a sponge and apply the colour of the sponge on your fingernails to get a beautiful ombre nail art.

Again, you can cut a scotch tape in a specific pattern. Apply a specific base colour and then paste the patterned scotch tape on your nails. Now apply a second coating of a different nail polish. Remove the tape and you can get beautiful geometric nail art patterns.

The last easy yet beautiful nail art trick is the marbled water design nail art. Firstly, apply the base coat colour and let it dry completely. The take a bowl of water and pour drops of a dark nail polish onto the water, spreading out small circles. Now, add a few more contrasting or light colours in the centre of the previous layer of colour. Use a toothpick to create floral, geometric or spider web patterns. Apply petroleum jelly on your fingers and then submerge it slightly into the patterns created by the toothpick. Petroleum jelly will help in dabbing out any stray nail polish from the fingers. The extra water drops can be dabbed off with a blotting paper or cotton, and give you a shiny, outstandingly beautiful pattern on your nails.

Tips for beautiful nail art

Apart from these easy techniques, there are a variety of nail art stickers, stones, glitters available online that can simply make your nails look absolutely gorgeous and draw eyes to your fingernails in a matter of seconds!!!