Piercing: Body piercing fashion

Body piercing is another fashionable art in which a hole is punctured or made on the human body so as to accommodate a jewelry. The most common piercings are the ear and the nose piercings, which have been followed almost around the world for centuries. In the western culture, the fashion of body piercing has been on and off for quite sometime. But after the World War II, it gained its popularity and by the 1970s and 1990s, it spread worldwide creating a new fashion amongst the youth.

Ear and nose piercing:
Ear and nose piercing have been practised for centuries especially by women folk. Then gradually it spread as a fashion and men started to pierce their ear and started wearing ear studs or earrings. But till this date, nose piercing has been always highly restricted and attributed to only women.

 Piercing: Body piercing fashion

In the beginining, wearing an earring or a stud represented a status symbol, a sign of being wealthy. But then, later it became affaordable to everybody as less expensive earrings started to prop up in the market. Then came the colorful matching jewelry that would go with the outfit.

 Piercing: Body piercing fashion

Advantages of ear piercing:

  1. Brain growth: It is believed that the left and right ear lobes contains acupressure points that connects to the left and right hemisphere of the brain and hence enhances the brain activity. When these acupressure points are activated by piercing, it helps in good memory as well as proper brain development. This is one of the reasons that parents pierce their child’s ears when the child is a little baby so that there will a good brain development in the child.
  2. Improvement in eye sight: As per the acupuncture, the centre for vision actually lies in the centre of the ear and hence when that point is pierced or pressurized, it ends in a good eye sight for the person.
  3. Healthy ears: It is a known belief that there are two most important points of interest and they are master sensorial and master cerebral points. These are the two points that take care of the ears being healthy and hence when these two acupressure points are stimulated, the person’s ear becomes healthy especially a common condition of tinnitus never occurs in the child.
  4. Prevents mental illness: Mental conditions like anxiety, nervousness etc can be controlled as the piercing point is the point of master cerebral which controlls the brain activity.
  5. Avoid indigestion: This point of piercing helps in the proper digestive activity and hence indigestion can be avoided as that would be a big problem in small kids.

 Piercing: Body piercing fashion

 Advantages of nose piercing:

  • Improves strong sense of smell.
  • Protects the person from all kinds of nasal infections.
  • Makes child birth easier.

We can conclude that even though wearing a jewelry on a pierced point may just be a fashion and a chance to wear matching ornaments for the clothing, but it has its own advantages and anything followed by the elders are always for our good and should be practised with utmost respect for the goodness of oneself.