Victorian Fashion has been inspiring designers in the year 2015 not only from the styles of the past but the entire era is an inspiration to model new designs. Aspects of this era have been portrayed in unimaginable ways. Shoes, bags and other accessories along with clothing find a new meaning in these designs.


Prints from the Victorian era are revived to give the modern cut a new feel, popular motifs of that era find new embellishments and colour palette to give it a fresh look. Popular items and events have also been sources of inspiration. The flip between fabrics and cuts and hues are key aspects that have designers spinning off new trends this year.

The main focus is to adopt only certain aspects, rather than adopting the entire trend. Try blending it with your modern cuts. Laces and ruffles have always been used from era to era however; their use during the Victorian age was widely popular. How and what aspects you want to incorporate will solely depend on individual preference.

Get the look! The Victorian Fashion way


Wide Puffed up Sleeve: These sleeves were extremely popular and it can now be added to your top or shirts paired with a slim fit trouser or denim with boots inspired by riding boots to complete the look. Riding boots were worn by women in the Victorian era and there were more for comfort than style.

Corsets: These were a necessity and highly fashionable as they are still today. They go well with skirts and pants, various designs are available for you to choose from.

Plunging Necklines: Mostly reserved for evening wear Victorian ladies flaunted their plunging necklines in ball rooms. Add a similar neckline to your dress to spice things up.

Wide Pagoda Sleeves: These sleeves came in much later in the Victorian age. These sleeves can be incorporated with a short cocktail dress with accessories to match and get into the groove of Victorian Fashion.

High Necklines: High necklines are for those with longer necks, for those who have shorter necks, it would be advisable to excuse yourself as these makes the neck look shorter. Add these to your regular shirts and watch the changes come alive.

Shoulder Shawls: These are comfortable and help you keep warm with autumn at your door step. Try this look with your regular wear; it will add style to your everyday clothing.

Hoop Skirts: Hoop Skirts will accentuate any dress and gown. It is an ideal way to get your gown turn into a princess gown from the Victorian age.

Small Hats: These were perched on the front of the head by ladies during their outings. You can now divulge in them by pairing it with plain clothes and let the hat do all the talking.

Riding jackets: These were a part of the Victorian ladies daily clothing and it can now become your style quotient. Pair it up with a skirt or denims.


Victorian Fashion is a link as thin as a single strand of silk yet its strong presence is a lesson as to how fashion on its own is ageless.