Eyebrows are located above the eyes consisting of delicate hairs. Its main usage is to protect the eyes from sweat, water or any dirt falling on it directly. But the shape of the eyebrow needs to be adjusted or trimmed so as to make it more beautiful. The unwanted hairs can be removed by various techniques like waxing, threading, plucking, etc.

The most popular and less painful method of hair removal is threading. These days it is gaining more popularity due to its effective and neat hair removal.

Latest trend in fashion: eyebrow threading


It originated in Eastern countries like India and central Asia, but now has become more popular in the United States of America. But it is unclear where exactly it originated whether in India or Central Asia, but there is one hypothesis that it was started in India around 6000 years ago. Since hot waxing techniques and plucking of the hair are painful, threading became a favorite alternative as it removes the hair from the root and also is gentle on the skin.

In some cultures, it is a sign of adulthood and in some traditions, the eyebrows are shaped only during weddings. In China and Korea, it is done only on brides and married ladies.

 Technique of threading:

In this technique, a thin thread either cotton or polyester is used. The thread is doubled by making a knot on the end. The length of the thread can be the length of the forearm. After doubling, it is twisted and rolled over the hair that needs to be removed. And with rolling, the hairs are plucked gently from the follicle.

Unlike plucking, where only one individual hair can be removed, in this technique short lines of hair can be removed as it is rolled and plucked on the hair line.

 Safety measures:

This method of hair removal is safe and gives a perfect shape to the eyebrow provided it is done by a professional with a clean thread and clean hand so as to not spread germs from one customer to another. Along with it the eyebrow brushes, scissors should be cleaned regularly with antibacterial germicides so that everything that is being used is hygienic including the person, who is the threader.

Latest trend in fashion: eyebrow threading

 Uses of threading:

  1. When compared to waxing and plucking, this method gives precise and comparatively a better eyebrow shape.
  2. It gives the person a fabulous look that could flatter the face frame provided if the shape is neatly and correctly done.
  3. It gives the best defining looks that a person can expect due to the proper shaping of the eyebrow.
  4. It is not time consuming as it can be finished in few minutes.
  5. It is cost effective as it is not very expensive.
  6. In this technique, the skin is handled in a very gentle manner when compared to the other possible techniques.
  7. This is a natural way of removal with no usage of chemicals or other harmful substances on the eyebrow.
  8. Many dermatologists prescribe this method for the patients with skin problems such as acne or pimples.


Thus we can conclude that threading of the eyebrow is spreading worldwide especially in the Western countries, and go for it to have a beautiful face.