Whether they were faux or whether or not they were real, the hippest celeb septum piercings from 2015 were extreme and quite epic, and there’s no denying that septum piercings took off like thunder in 2015, and its presumably due to most of these celebrities septum piercings that ordinary everyday gals such as you and me are even sporting septum piercings!


When you check out how versatile and completely beautiful the septum piercing may be, which ladies are pulling off and looking quite elegant and even dainty sporting them, which implies that the concept of a septum ring giving you a punk or grungey look long gone. but if that’s the appearance you’re going for, I’m not about to judge you! but, if you’re wanting to pull off the perfect look from your septum piercing, whether or not its raunchy or dainty, you’ll be able to rock this fashionable look with or even without the commitment to obtaining the particular piercing, you’ll be able to be grateful to the super sensible jewellery designers for giving us fake septum jewelry.


So, it appears we have  to simply embrace the very fact that the septum piercing has unpacked its baggage and is staying for real, and seeing as we’re not precisely sure on when the whole septum movement will possibly lose its momentum, thus for now let’s have it have their moment, and check the five celebs that completely rocked the septum piercing in 2015!


RiRi isn’t in the slightest degree a trespasser to elaborate, risky and attractive piercings, and it was her initially debuted her fake septum piercing back in 2014 while she was attending her brothers album release, and in fact we’ve seen it a couple of times afterward, however her most unforgettable moment with the septum piercing is totally this one, where she showed it off on the attractive cover shoot she did for T Magazine in Oct.


Ok, for some reason i actually do need to be appalled that Madonna got herself a septum piercing, with a pearl, and also the letter M, then announce it on Instagram where she said that it absolutely was inspiration from her female offspring Lourdes, but hey, when has the Queen of Pop not ever shocked anyone right?! i actually do love her custom created septum jewelry although.

Zoe Kravitz


Zoe Kravitz is as fresh, attractive and daring as her father, and there’s nothing pretend or fake regarding her septum piercing, and she isn’t specifically one in every of the celebs who simply jumped on board with this trend, if truth be told Zoe has had her septum piercing for years now, and she totally rocks it, each and every single day and night! Zoe has an unforgettable and ultimately preposterously beautiful and sensational assortment of septum piercing jewelry, she’s just so awesomely edgy!.

Amber Rose

Oh Amber, Amber, this lady is raunchy and has managed to post some extremely hardcore pics of her piercings on Instagram, and her most up-to-date one being the septum piercing that she managed to sexily showed off with a face lace mask! This isn’t the sole time she’s showed off her septum piercing tho’, it’s been showed off many times, from fashion shows to Instagram, we tend to adore it either way!